Manage Payer and Provider Contracting Documents with fourleaf

Payer and Provider Contracting Documents Shouldn’t Be that Difficult

Provider contracting, credentialing and enrollment requires a multi-faceted approach and is the foundation for Payer success. Departmental silos, working in excel spreadsheets, manually completing forms, and contracting by mail are all extremely burdensome to both Payers and Providers. The routine monthly updates made to provider data sets, adds, terminations, and location changes can be tedious to manage. Incorrect entry of provider data that route to directories causes inconsistencies and confusion as well as claim delays, member access issues, and even worse, fines and compliance problems. The outcome of these manual processes leads to additional training, duplicative processes, administrative concerns, turnover, and higher costs. To succeed, Payers must have a secure, cloud based, and uniformed solution to manage provider data, automate contracting and enrollment, collect and house documents, and easily locate documents to comply with audits and State compliance requests.

Key Pain-Points Faced by Payers, Providers, and Health Plans

  • HIPAA/PII/PHI Compliance and Security
  • Costs with USPS mailing, and delivery delays
  • Unique roster templates and roster ingestion processes
  • Labor-intensive and costly contracting and credentialing
  • Communication delays and misinformation about effective dates
  • Redundant tasks and unique forms for Providers across the industry
  • Manual data entry and keying errors
  • Duplicative departments and systems
  • Inability to locate documents submitted
  • Inadequate provider data management processes
  • Handling and resolution time of provider updates
  • Inability to track tasks and employee productivity

The Fourleaf® Solution

Fourleaf® provides the solution delivers unified system capabilities to keep provider data secure and within one easily accessible platform. Efficiency of time and fiscal resources is always at the forefront of any solution – and Fourleaf® delivers. Integrating automated contracting, document management, task management, and roster ingestion allows automated data transfers and integrations of contracted information into core systems like claims and authorizations. Provider directories can be easily generated, and network adequacy reports delivered in a seamless all-in-one system. Other canned reports to conduct internal audits of staff productivity, and task completion are at management’s fingertips. Unlike other systems on the market, Fourleaf® also offers flexible customization to ensure all provider data points are covered to meet your needs.

We are familiar with all Contract & Credentialing workflows for:

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Commercial
  • Exchange
  • iSNP
  • Workers Compensation
  • Vision
  • Dental
  • Behavioral Health

Fourleaf can be leveraged for:

  • Health plans that are expanding rapidly into new markets,
  • TPA Vendors working to build networks in targeted areas
  • Dental Vendors looking to expand their Medicare lines
  • Behavioral Health Networks that want contract additional Medicaid
  • Vision Vendors that have GAPs in network and want to quickly resolve
  • Lease Networks who want to amend contracts for existing networks
  • Sending Single Case Agreement’s to Physicians for Electronic Signature and so much more

Simplify your process. Streamline your data.

Ingest & Validate Data

  • Ingest csv, xls, other formats
  • Validate accuracy of data
  • Ensure clean data in database

Analytics & Reporting

  • Performance and status
  • Geospatial integration
  • Self serve reports / dashboard

File Curation

  • Information storage, curation, and security
  • Information governance and control
  • Full Microsoft integration

Send:Receive Electronic Contracting

  • Reduce contracting mistakes
  • Achieve revenue faster   with more accuracy

Task Management

  • Automated workflow
  • Never lose track of vital tasks and documents
  • Comprehensive view of provider

Key Features

  • Centralized management of    all provider files, contracts, and 
  • Fully integrated task management
  • Automated reporting and collection/ingestion of roster information

Key Benefits

  • Increase revenue – reduce costs

  • Facilitated automated document management and production

  • Single interface to manage provider data

  • More efficient process flow, yielding improved results

Key Technologies

  • Designed with Microsoft Azure PowerApps – rapidly configurable and secure workflows

  • Electronic contracting powered by DocuSign

  • Secured follow National Institute of Standards and Technology

What our Clients are Saying

I’ve been in contact centers for over 26 years, the majority of that in the healthcare space. Now, as the Principal of a consulting company, one of the most persistent challenges I face is understanding a client’s business quickly enough to help them scale it and make it more effective and efficient in a competitive and fast-adapting market. After diving into ARC Healthcare’s fourleaf platform, I feel like I could build and scale a complete Provider Network Development operation based around it. The reporting is fantastic, the workflows within are dialed in, and the digital documentation repository is one of those things that we should all be asking how we’ve done without for so long. If I were asked to develop a Provider Network Solution, I would rely on fourleaf in a heartbeat. Better yet, I’d contract with ARC to assist with the whole thing because they’re so much more than a platform provider, they’re a total turnkey solution owned and operated by one of the most dedicated and ethical leaders that I know.
Jason Ronczka
Principal – Union Forge Consulting