Billing Organizations

Billing organizations are critical players in the payer-and-provider ecosystem. These organizations thrive best with tools that help them stay organized and on top of a provider’s many administrative needs.  Fourleaf is a unified provider relationship management platform that streamlines these aspects by collecting a wide range of documents and data elements.  Users can view and manage provider information on a single page, track communications, manage and store contracts, and have task reminders for follow-up items. 

Expected Payer Outcomes

Payers require processes and systems that improve profitability, grow networks, ensure validated credentials, maintain compliance with governing bodies, and improve outcomes in patient care. Billing organizations give payers more time to focus on that patient care and compliance by acting as facilitators for payer-provider relationships
and administration.

Powered by Microsoft Azure’s Security and File Management Capabilities

  • Reduce credentialing errors that result in denied claims
  • Reduce contact and location errors within published directories
  • Improve process to design, build, and manage networks and providers
  • Reduce contact and location errors
  • Reduce paperwork and payer information requests
  • Determine provider and speciality coverage areas
  • Adapt to new telemedicine requirements
  • Overlay SDOH factors with network design
  • Increase SDOH network accessibility and decrease impact
  • Network adequacy
  • Accurate and current credential details
  • Directory publication
  • Data security and oversight
  • Data sharing

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