Providers and payers experience challenges with organizing and sharing credentialing data, moving providers along the credentialing process quickly, prioritizing follow-ups, and shifting workloads.  Fourleaf can help your organization streamline and expedite that process, manage regular monitoring of expiring credentials, and address disciplinary actions.  The system utilizes a simple, straightforward method for entering and viewing data, as well as centralized document storage, phone and email tracking, robust task management, and reporting, all tied to a single provider record.

Credentialing requires integrated data from multiple states and must address variable payor rules

Expected Payer Outcomes

Providers and payers require well-managed credentials and timely credentialing to ensure quality of care, access to care, as well as faster and better reimbursements.

Expected Credential Outcomes

Providers and payers require well-managed credentials and timely credentialing to ensure providers are integrated into health system as quickly as possible. Directory services also depend on accurate provider information, including licenses and board certifications. An automated approach to data entry and validation will free up personnel to spend more time addressing other important provider issues.

  • Single user-friendly data repository for quick entry, data management, and retrieval. Faster data entry, management, and retrieval through a single repository
  • Streamlined task management helps you automatically prioritize task management
  • Time saved with proper credentialing management leads to faster expedited credential management and approvals
  • Primary source validation
  • Providers receive faster reimbursements provides recoup average potential revenue loss of 29% with timely credentialing 
  • Patients have in-network provider access when they need it, less out-of-pocket costs, and confidence in their quality of care
  • Proper monitoring of expirables helps providers stay in compliant with licensing and certifying boards, health plans, and malpractice insurers
  • Ongoing sanctions monitoring improves patient safety, reduces the risk for health plans, and avoids potential lawsuits

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