ARC CEO’s Amanda Ratliff featured in
The American Entrepreneur

It took several years for Amanda Ratliff to decide to invest in her own information technology firm, ARC Healthcare, currently based in Columbus, Ohio. Thanks to its work in payer-provider relationships, coupled with its flagship CRM, Fourleaf, ARC has gained national recognition. Established in 2009 with only $100 and a mission to simplify contracting and credentialing, it now boasts a dedicated IT architectural team, deep understanding of the industry, and a trusted advisory panel.

From 2012-2017, Amanda worked full-time for several MCOs and LTSS suppliers as she planned her long-term goals for the business. 2018 saw significant growth as the company was able to scale to over 200 employees while building a national network of providers. That subsequent revenue was reinvested into the creation of Fourleaf, a cloud-based document management platform developed in Microsoft Azure. Customized for provider enrollment, this CRM eliminates the need for mailed contracts and agreements, as well as automates key areas of credentialing and electronic signature capture.

In The American Entrepreneur, Amanda gives her take on the challenges of the industry, the culture of joy she wants to instill, and her pathway to success as the leader of a small, women-owned business—not to mention overcoming the pandemic. “I had a whole bunch of people telling me: that’s a stupid idea, don’t do it. It’s not going to work,” she says about ARC. Her advice to every entrepreneur? Find your cheerleaders and go for it!

ARC Healthcare now operates remotely due to COVID, but employs experts from across the country. It continues to partner with leading health plans, TPAs, and billing agencies to develop best-in-class processes, data analytics, and resources to support managed care.

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