Networks and Systems

Healthcare networks and systems often represent a diverse range of providers and facilities. Fourleaf’s automated lifecycle includes a holistic view of these relationships. Users can view and manipulate all provider and payer information: locations, facilities, approved procedures, clinical software, and staffing. 

In 2020, 43% of physicians surveyed said they reduced staff due to Covid-19.

72% of physicians surveyed indicated delayed care is a major risk from the pandemic.

Is your health network or system prepared?

Expected Network and System Outcomes

Healthcare networks and systems rely on accurate data and efficient process management from technology that can support significant changes in the industry.

  • Reduce credentialing errors that result in denied claims
  • Reduce contact and location errors within published directories
  • Improve process to design, build, and manage networks and providers
  • Reduce costs in system design and clearinghouse/external integrations
  • Reduce paperwork and payer information requests
  • Higher TPA customer satisfaction from improved processing, network builds, and provider recruitment 
  • Determine provider and speciality coverage areas
  • Adapt to new telemedicine requirements
  • Overlay SDOH factors with network design
  • Increase SDOH network accessibility and decrease impact
  • Network adequacy
  • Accurate and current credential details
  • Directory publication
  • Data security and oversight
  • Data sharing

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