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Today’s healthcare environment requires practitioners and hospitals to move beyond paper contracts and credentialing. Long gone are the days of needing to wait for mailed documents to be completed by hand, sent back, then delayed further because of missing signatures.

It’s true that many organizations still do it this way—but it’s often problematic. This was the reality for one health plan in the Southern US that required provider service representatives to drive long distances just to collect missing documents from a physician’s office. In the time it took them to do so, contracts were discontinued, leaving that physician wondering why he was no longer in-network. A similar issue affected a Plan in the Northeast that was trying to configure its own provider database and EDI system for multiple locations and parent companies: when every new hard copy contract had to be scanned to Corporate, it created the potential for duplicate data, keying errors, and misplaced files.

The common denominator in these and other situations is that the provider enrollment process couldn’t gather the appropriate data, meet the needs of internal and external stakeholders, or establish a network fast enough to meet adequacy standards. While this isn’t to say that contracting and credentialing happen overnight, there are ways to digitize and automate this process so that it’s far more efficient, accurate, and effective.

That’s why ARC created Fourleaf. Its software eliminates the need for a backend processing team as data is collected and analyzed at the time of contracting—plus, it automates quality reporting and frontend network audits. It guarantees more accurate data, enables updated directories, and creates a digital portal where providers can self-report changes to their demographics, contracts, and network enrollment. In turn, this means greater compliance regarding your network adequacy, provider satisfaction, and—more importantly—member access.

If you have concerns regarding implementation or price for this software, we’re ready to evaluate your organization to address these and other questions you may have. Give us a call at 888-527-0677 to get a full assessment on how this could benefit your network.