The challenge of remote working at scale

March 2020 hit ARC Healthcare and we were ready. We had spent the last 18 months designing a CRM which had a document management platform, email and phone integration. Perfect timing. A few of our employees were out sick, and we decided to work from home temporarily. Or so we thought temporary. It turned out to be permanent and our team couldn’t be happier.

Did you experience the same? I’m curious as to how other small companies have taken the remote environment. How do they scan, fax, mail and email at scale? Where are they stashing their documents? Many other firms in our business are working off of excel spreadsheets and completing forms by hand.

The need for cloud based solutions are more meaningful that ever. As of June 2020, a staggering 42% of Americans were working from home. (Renewable And Clean Technology Trends To Expect In 2021 (And Beyond) ( The Fourleaf solution we implemented makes our day to day so much easier with an all in one system. We were able to upload important documents into our secure platform, and track every single call. We have visibility into the teams productivity at every intersect. It’s been a meaningful test of the technology space, and drives so much more value for our clients. Technology is vital to how we perform in todays new “normal”. Take a look at your processes, and see if there is a need to streamline deliverables at every intersect.